Evaporite basins by Tadeusz Marek Peryt

By Tadeusz Marek Peryt

Attribute examples of evaporite basins, often of average measurement, are mentioned when it comes to style (playas, continental sabkhas, barred basins), deposits, fossils, relics and pseudomorphs of gypsum came upon, and complicated of diagenesis, e.g. within the crimson Sea Miocene the place reef complexes predate the deposition of huge evaporites. types, the sabkha version and the deep desiccation basin version, are either hired to provide an explanation for the formation of evaporite basins. in lots of instances either versions has to be mixed as many evaporites have been shaped in subaqueous environments.

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13 T M. ), Evaporite Basins © Springer-Veflag Berlin Heidelberg 1987 32 Pierre and Rouchy, 1986; Rouchy, 1986; Rouchy et al, 1984, 1986b). This study reveals that the present distribution of evaporites is controlled (with local variations) by post-depositional parameters such as tectonism and dissolution, dissecting a regionally wldespread unit. whlch extended In all the structural umt of thls part of the Hercyman orogene STRUCTURAL AND STRATIGRAPHIC SETTING OF EVAPORITES The Variscan area in Belgium and northern France may be broadly divided into three major structural units (Fig.

The various facies of the brecciated horizons have been documented by Bourguignon (1950-1951) in his synthetic work. West (1969) was the first who indicate, in an unpublished report, the presence of gypsum pseudomorphs in the cement of the "Grande Br~che". Since the discovery of Saint-Ghislain evaporitic formation, many of the studies focused on Vlsean Limestone outcrops showed the numerous occurrences of pseudomorphosed sulfates, Fig. I0. - Dissolution breccias and pseudomorphs after sulfates.

Direction. Yanyuan would pattern. eye the salt platform the and stage of supply Upper of regression part in Ningnan Dengylng in the area continental seawater south-west part cross the evaporlte of the the the so due tllat continental lake. The occurrence of salt deposition ended glauberlte formed continental fresll by water, the glauberlte in the but the also proves continental intermixing the potted of and tl%at lake. tlqe evolution The residual lump of thln-banded brines glauberlte was with formed 29 by replacing the water penetrated stage after dolostone halite all in salt of basin area high.

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