Experimental Hematology Today 1979 by T. J. MacVittie (auth.), Siegmund J. Baum, G. David Ledney

By T. J. MacVittie (auth.), Siegmund J. Baum, G. David Ledney (eds.)

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Experiments relating to this question are usually either performed in vitro, and thus devoid of the full complement of regulatory controls, or they employ cytotoxic techniques that injure stem cells along with the differentiated cells. In seeking a means to avoid this nondiscriminatory approach, we developed the method of [55Fe]-erythrocytocide. 1). The isotope, avidly taken up by erythroid cells, will thus eliminate maturing erythrocyte precursors (19). This produces a discrete and selective effect: The loss of erythroblasts leads to increased erythroid differentiation in a compensatory response that is rapid, specific, sustained, and associated with a continued depletion of pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells.

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