Falcon (Animal) by Helen Macdonald

By Helen Macdonald

A sacred god, an army instrument, an erotic image: the falcon is a common ask yourself of pace, energy, attractiveness, and ferocity that has develop into embedded in human cultures in myriad methods. Helen Macdonald's Falcon examines the various symbolism and roles hooked up to the falcon through the centuries.

Macdonald offers a cultural and normal historical past of the falcon that spans the globe and several other millennia. Her wide-ranging survey considers the various elements of the falcon, together with conservation efforts; the game of falconry; and using falcons in mystery army initiatives via the 3rd Reich and the U.S. space software. Falcon additionally explores the wealthy imagery of the falcon over heritage, together with the veneration of falcons as gods in historical Egypt, their position in erotic tales, or even using falcons in advertisements to advertise photocopiers and jet planes.

Filled with illustrations and a wealth of attention-grabbing proof, Falcon should be an stress-free advisor for ornithologists, novice birdwatchers, and nature fanatics alike.

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