Fallacy; the counterfeit of argument by W. Ward and William B. Holther Fearnside

By W. Ward and William B. Holther Fearnside

Fallacy the Counterfeit of Argument [Paperback]

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Quotations from Hegel and de Madariaga are taken from Sontag and Beddie, Nazi-Soviet Relations. New York: Didier, 1948, p. ) Personification (see #29) is a mark of reifying. Amateur psychologists often speak of the Ego or the Id as alternative souls presiding by turns inside the head (like the "ghost in the machine" derided by the philosopher Gilbert Ryle.

There are not many differentiations, but a positive or a negative, love or hate, right or wrong, truth or lie, but never half so and half so, or partially, etc. Hitler, Mein Kampf No one can wholly avoid this fallacy of treating complex things as if they could be divided into simple extremes. html (1 of 3) [5/29/2009 1:22:37 AM] Fallacy is unrealistic. Doctors squirm when the lawyer demands whether or not a certain individual shall be pronounced sane or insane. Medicine is more complicated than the gates of an insane asylum, yet someone has to know when to swing the gates open or shut.

Some state courts had previously held streetcar lines were railroads in the sense of the statute; others had held they were not. Mr. Justice Lamar gave the Supreme Court's decision as This instance is typical of the careful application of analogy to settle a legal problem. The comparison is limited to similarities and differences which are relevant to the question at hand. It is quite possible that on the next day the Court might have considered a streetcar line included by analogy as a railroad for the purpose of taxation or for some other purpose in which the similarities might be more relevant than the differences.

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