Five Minute Fantasies 1 (Xcite Selections S.) by Cooper

By Cooper

Erotic brief tales with red-hot issues

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Lucia watched as he tenderly rolled the dough and teased it into a horseshoe, making sure the cherries were well spread and that the dough didn’t break. He stroked some melted butter on a baking tray, brushed liquid butter on the rolled up strudel – to make it glow, he said – and popped it into a medium high oven. ’ Lucia came to his arms and breathed in the smell of him. Bruno’s lips caressed her cheek. ‘We shall taste it when it’s finished,’ he said. Lucia pressed against him as if to quiet the ripples he aroused.

The early retirement was essential. It enabled me to get a couple of hours sleep before George came up. 58 The only time he became voluble was in the middle of the night, after a few cans, when his team lost. Then I got chapter and verse on what, in his opinion, had gone wrong. It didn’t occur to my spouse that people actually went to bed to sleep. I undressed and sat quietly on the edge of the bed. I put on my old negligee, more of a souvenir than anything else. An anniversary present, in the days when I got them – bought, I hasten to add, when my beloved was on his way to watch West Ham play and suddenly remembered just how special the day was.

She took a single cherry, placed her lips against it to 53 feel its shine, then sank her teeth slowly into the flesh. Juice trickled on her lower lip as she smelled the rich full scent. She held the stone in her mouth to suck the last of its pulp and, puckering her lips, spat the stone into the bin. ‘Lucia,’ Bruno called. ’ She came towards him, the basket propped on her left hip, the cherry earring laughing at him like her dark brown eyes. ‘I shall wash them first,’ Lucia said and emptied the basket into the enamel sink filled with cold water.

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