Flags of the Night Sky: When Astronomy Meets National Pride by André G. Bordeleau

By André G. Bordeleau

Many nationwide flags show astronomical positive aspects – sunlight, Moon, stars – yet are they truly in keeping with current astronomical gadgets? the us flag activities 50 stars, one for every nation, besides the fact that none of them are associated with actual stars. extra, the lunar crescent is frequently formed just like the solar being eclipsed by way of the Moon. from time to time, stars are visible correct subsequent to the crescent, the place the darkened disc of the moon will be! This e-book will current actual astronomical gadgets and styles highlighted on nationwide flags and hyperlink informative tablets approximately those items to the political the explanation why they have been selected to embellish such a tremendous symbol.

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The Southern Cross is evocative of place, origin, pride and solidarity to many peoples in the southern hemisphere, appearing on national flags, company logos and memorials. 43, is the current southern pole star, but it is barely visible to the naked eye so Acrux and Gacrux are commonly used as southern pole markers. 5 times the distance between them leads to a point close to the South Celestial Pole. 8; it is in fact a triple star system 325 light-years away. 8 for Alpha-2) and the third star is too close to Alpha-1 to be visible.

Pará FIG. 17 Pará flag (Image by E2m, Wikimedia Commons) Pará also selected the star that represents it on the national flag: Spica, in the constellation Virgo and set it in a white stripe representing simultaneously the Zodiac, the Equator and the Amazon River. The two red areas symbolize the vigor of the local people. Pará proclaimed the Republic on 16 November 1889 and the flag was approved by the Pará state legislature on 3 June 1890. However, at that time, the flag, designed by Philadelfo Condurú, was the symbol of the Paraense Republican Club.

A new state governor then passed a law, reestablishing the 1947 version. To this day, this is the official flag of Paraná. São Paulo FIG. 25 São Paulo flag (Image by Felipe Macaroni Lalli, Wikimedia Commons) 20 Flags of the Night Sky A proposal of 16 July 1888 by writer Júlio Ribeiro which he originally intended to be used as the national flag, it later became the flag of São Paulo. Indeed, it had been flown in São Paulo shortly before the overthrow of Pedro II. The flag was the symbol of the Paulista Revolution in the early 1930s but despite its popularity was not officially adopted until 1948.

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