Flavor Physics at the Tevatron: Decay, Mixing and by Thomas Kuhr

By Thomas Kuhr

The e-book stories the newest experimental result of appeal and backside style physics on the Tevatron proton-antiproton collider. The measurements of lifetimes, branching ratios and combining homes of heavy flavored hadrons offer vital constraints on primary parameters of the normal version – the weather of the CKM matrix. Comparisons of experimental effects with theoretical predictions permit to go looking for physics past the traditional version or to set bounds on parameters of recent physics models.

The experimental ideas built on the Tevatron are hugely suitable for the subsequent iteration style physics experiments on the LHC. This booklet presents the reader a close precis of the prestige of heavy style physics on the finish of the Tevatron facts taking interval and the beginning of the LHC program.

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1, both can interfere and thus lead to a significant contribution. Note, that such an interference, called Pauli interference, does not occur for B 0 mesons because the corresponding diagrams have different final states as shown in Fig. 2. Since the interference is destructive this leads to a longer lifetime of the B + than the B 0 meson. 5. Further decay processes involving the spectator quark are weak annihilation and weak exchange, illustrated in Fig. 3. While the former is only possible for charged B mesons, the latter contributes only to neutral B mesons and baryons.

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Other backgrounds are partially reconstructed b hadron decays, B → D X , and combinatorial background. The Z PDFs for kaons and pions are obtained from a high statistics D ∗+ → D 0 (→ K − π + )π + sample. 2 Bs0 Decays 55 data fit Bs→Dsπ Bs→DsK B→DX comb. bg. 200 150 100 50 40 30 20 10 residual (σ) residual (σ) data fit Bs→Dsπ Bs→DsK B→DX comb. bg. 4 Z Fig. 10 Fit projections on m(Ds− π + ) (left) and Z (right) compared with the data distributions [14] The fit projections are shown in Fig. 10. The analysis method was verified on B 0 → D (∗)− K + /ρ + /π + control samples.

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