French Art From 1350 to 1850 (The Book of Art) by MICHEL LACLOTTE


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His his Sacrifice, and two sets of tapestries, representing the histories of Psyche and Diana. the extent to which he was influenced by the work shows greater restraint contemporaries. His feeling for clarity and equilibrium Antique Sacrifice Paris, Louvre than that of most of make him a forerunner of Classicism, and a link between the Mannerists and the ideas of Poussin in the next century. See also page 167 GASPARD DUGHET or GASPARD POUSSIN 1615-1675 A pupil and imitator ofNicolcLS Poussin Gaspard Dughet, or Poussin, adopted the name of his famous master and brotherin-law, Nicolas Poussin.

All classical St. , See also pages 153, 154, 155, 189 and medieval Angel history, Shakespeare, among them, Baron Schwiter, 1830 Hamlet and Horatio in the Graveyard, 1859 London, Paris, Louvre G. Mus. of Fine Arts and Heliodoriis the time he was painting the Oriental legend, as well as portraits of his intimate friends, Chopin TV'. Mus. The Lion Hunt, 1858 43 and studies of fighting animals. Delacroix's energy did not years; the International Exhibition of 1855 fail was a personal triumph. In spite of his success, Delacroix was not a happy man.

Another picture, HIS WORKS INCLUDE Series of Portraits (drawings) Chantilly, the Bath of Diana, exists in several versions, one of which depicts the royal mistress Gabrielle d'Estrees; it is more Italianate in design. Francois Clouet died in Paris in 1572. Charles IX Lady Mus. Conde at her Toilet Washington, D. C, N. C, Kress Coll. See also pages 95, 166 of France, 1570 Vienna, Kunsihist. Mus. Francis I Florence, Uffizi Ehzabc-th of Austria Paris, Loune 31 JEAN CLOUET A portrait artist who died 1540/1 worked primarily in black or red chalk Jean Clouet is believed to have been the son of a painter who worked for the Duke of Burgundy.

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