Fundamental Interactions: Proceedings of the Twentieth Lake by Alan Astbury, Faqir C Khanna, Suzette Chan

By Alan Astbury, Faqir C Khanna, Suzette Chan

This lawsuits quantity comprises pedagogical lectures on theoretical and experimental particle physics, cosmology and atomic capture physics. it is also extra contributions that supply up to date details on new experimental effects from accelerators, underground laboratories, and nuclear astrophysics. this mixture of pedagogical talks and topical brief talks presents complete details to researchers within the fields of particle physics, cosmology and atomic seize physics.

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What is dark matter? The high luminosity colliding beams of the LHC will provide the highest centre of mass energy ever achieved in the laboratory. It is an unprecedented project also in terms of the cost, complexity and size of the experiments, and in terms of the effort from the scientific community: the four large-scale experiments involve in total over 4000 physicists from all over the world. The experimental programme of the LHC is supported by the strong physics cases behind these important questions.

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