Geology and Landscapes of Scotland: Second Edition by Con Gillen

By Con Gillen

In Scotland, the six hundred miles among the northernmost Shetland island and the Mull of Galloway within the south include one of the most attention-grabbing geology and such a lot assorted landscapes in Europe. This type used to be the foundation for a convention of geological research that stretches again to the earliest Earth scientists. The origins of the Scotland that's identified this day lie in 5 rather exact geological histories. This publication takes the reader on a journey of every of those areas in flip, beginning with the Northwest Highlands and Outer Hebrides, which include a number of the oldest rocks in the world, during the mountain terrains of the Highlands and Uplands to the Lowlands, after which the fringes of the North Sea. One part describes the volcanic provinces of Scotland, one other bargains with the results of the Ice a long time, whereas a last part appears to be like at Scotland's traditional assets. The publication will attract the pro geologist looking a large review of a much-studied terrain. it's going to even be a source for the resident, customer, walker, climber, or angler who desires to comprehend the origins of the landforms they discover. Now in its moment version, Geology and Landscapes of Scotland has proved itself as a competent advisor and has been completely revised with many illustrations awarded in colour.

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This event was the final opening of the North Atlantic Ocean, as Scotland separated from North America. Iceland was eventually born in the middle of the Atlantic, 24 million years ago. By the time the lavas stopped 55 million years ago, a series of large intrusions had forced their way into the crust, in a north–south belt from Skye to Rum, Ardnamurchan, Mull and Arran, each one at the intersection of an earlier Caledonian fault and a north–south line of weakness in the crust caused by the Quaternary By 2 million years ago, Scotland had reached its present position, 56° north.

Scotland then was part of Laurentia, which included Canada and Greenland. There are many areas of Lewisian gneiss in the Northern Highlands to the east of the Moine Thrust, within the Caledonian mountain belt, and the Lewisian is probably present as the basement in all of northern Scotland. On Islay there are metamorphosed igneous rocks 1800 million years old, derived from the mantle, that superficially resemble some Lewisian gneisses, but are quite distinct. These, together with some overlying rocks of uncertain age on Colonsay, probably belong to a block of crust that includes northwest Ireland, wedged between offshoots of the Great Glen Fault.

The Hebridean volcanic province has a north–south orientation and thus cuts sharply across the northeast– southwest grain of the country, which was established at the end of the Caledonian orogeny. 7 shows in general terms that the old hard metamorphic and igneous rocks are mainly in the north and west of the country, and the younger, softer sedimentary rocks are found mainly in the south. 7 Outline geological map of Scotland. N Sedimentary Metamorphic Permian-TriassicDalradian Jurassic Moine Carboniferous km 100 S o lway F irth ult Fa F irth o f F o rth 30 Geology and landscapes of Scotland Geological evolution Caledonian Mountains In terms of its underlying structure then, Scotland is something of a geological jigsaw puzzle, with most of the fundamental pieces having been assembled about 400 million years ago.

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