Geology and vertebrate paleontology of the early Pliocene by Harris & Leakey M

By Harris & Leakey M

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Polypterus sp. Heterotis sp. Hyperopisus sp. Gymnarchus sp. Labeo sp. Barbus sp. Distichodus sp. Hydrocynus sp. Brycinus macrolepidotus Alestidae sp. Sindacharax lothagamensis S. mutetii S. howesi S. deserti S. greenwoodi Sindacharax sp. Bagrus sp. Aff. Bagrus sp. Clarotes sp. Bagridae/Claroteidae Schilbe sp. Clarias or Heterobranchus Synodontis sp. Lates niloticus Lates sp. Semlikiichthys cf. S. rhachirhinchus Cichlidae Tetraodon sp. nov. Tetraodon sp. ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ Kaiyumung Kanapoi ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ ϩ Ekora deposits may represent different ecological zones in the Lonyumun Lake, with the ‘‘new’’ taxa restricted ecologically to local habitats and/or basins.

The remaining specimens are tentatively referred to this taxon but could equally well belong to the following taxon. 48 Ⅵ CS 498, Harris and Leakey: Kanapoi Figure 6 KNM-KP 29255; cf. Cercopithecoides sp. , mandible (Lt. P3–M1, Rt. P3–M3), A ϭ occlusal view; B ϭ inferior view; C ϭ right lateral view; D ϭ anterior view; scale ϭ 3 cm Colobinae gen. et sp. indet. B Subfamily Cercopithecinae (Figure 8; Table 2) Tribe Papionini KANAPOI MATERIAL. 29308, male Lt. mand (erupting P3, roots C, P4–M1). This is a juvenile mandible with the P3 erupting.

Turkanemys pattersoni is the most common chelonian from Kanapoi. Kenyemys Wood, 1983 Kenyemys sp. indet. KANAPOI MATERIAL. 30419, carapace frags; 30468, juvenile carapace and plastron. Kenyemys williamsi Wood, 1983, differs from all other known pelomedusids by the following combination of characters: (a) a series of elongate tuberosities forming an interrupted keel extending along the midline rearward from the dorsal surface of the second neural bone; (b) six neural bones forming a continuous series, the anterior end of the first abutting directly against the rear margin of the nuchal bone and the sixth one being heptagonal; (c) outer corners of nuchal bone extending beyond lateral margins of first vertebral scute; (d) pentagonal shape of first vertebral scute; (e) only eighth and posterior part of seventh pair of pleural bones meet at midline of carapace; (f) anterior plastral lobe truncated; (g) triangular intergular scute not overlapping anterior end of entoplastron and only partially separating the gular scutes along the midline axis of the plastron (Wood, 1983).

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