Geology of Poland. Volume 3. Atlas of guide and by Malinowska L., Bielecka W., Rogalska M., Barczyk W.

By Malinowska L., Bielecka W., Rogalska M., Barczyk W.

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Doris {d'Orbigny! ) priscus (SchSotheim) Inoceramus nobiiis Goldfuss EntoHum lundgreni (Moberg) sp. (cf. (Miinster) acutkosta Gythemonf (? - S p " = O " ^ J 1 1 1 j _ I j 1 i 1 § 1 1 ; ? s'' •£ e a t, 5 ^ ^ , ' v 1% £ 'S 2 £ ? * £ I ? g ' ^ w t -Q 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 s S * S. £ 3 S' 'S "S £• S- 2 2 g 5. aalensis pseudoradiosa insigne ihouarsense variabilis H. bifrons + H. serpentinus D. tenuicostatum + A. + + + + + + + margaritatus P.

Troedsson EPICONTINENTAL BASIN + + + + + + + + + 31 western Pomerania. In addition to these areas, included by a typical marine sedi­ mentation, localities of the Carixian bivalves were also found in zones of the epicontinental basin in which the marine influence was slighter and less pro­ longed. , Pleuromya forchhammeri Lundgren, Dacryomya zieteni (Brauns) and Pronoella (}Gythemori) sp. (cf. elongata Cox) were identified in the deposits of Gielniów Series of the northern margin of Góry Świętokrzyskie Mts (J.

Des­ pite relatively numerous sites of radiolaritic deposits occurring in this region, the radiolarians themselves have not so far been sufficiently recognized. This is probably connected with the generally accepted opinions on an evolutionary conservatism of this group of animals and a low degree of their suitability for stratigraphic purposes, as well as considerable problems posed by their separation from the rock and a frequently poor state of preservation of their skeletons. The earliest Lower Jurassic radiolarians recorded in the Polish Carpathians come from the Middle and Upper Lias of the Tatra Mts, where they occur in the Pliensbachian of Kominy Tylkowe, hornstone limestones of the high-tatric se­ ries (Z.

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