Geometry by Cindy J. Boyd, Jerry Cummins, Carol E. Malloy, John A.

By Cindy J. Boyd, Jerry Cummins, Carol E. Malloy, John A. Carter, Alfinio Flores

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47. Find the perimeter of the triangle when the coordinates are multiplied by 3. 48. Make a conjecture about the perimeter of a triangle when the coordinates of its vertices are multiplied by the same positive factor. 49. OPEN ENDED Explain how you would find the length of a side of a regular decagon if the perimeter is 120 centimeters. 50. FIND THE ERROR Saul and Tiki were asked to draw quadrilateral WXYZ with m∠Z = 30. Who is correct? Explain your reasoning. Saul Tiki W Z 30° W X 30° Y 56 Chapter 1 Tools of Geometry Z X Y CHALLENGE Use grid paper to draw all possible rectangles with length and width that are whole numbers and with a perimeter of 12.

When the sides of a polygon are changed by a common factor, does the perimeter of the polygon change by the same factor as the sides? Explain.

Polygon A polygon is a closed figure formed by a finite number of coplanar segments such that (1) the sides that have a common endpoint are noncollinear, and (2) each side intersects exactly two other sides, but only at their endpoints. Symbol A polygon is named by the letters of its vertices, written in order of consecutive vertices. Examples Nonexamples Words Z A J L K B H X B C E C Y W M A G F F D E G H J K N polygons ABC, WXYZ, EFGHJK O Polygons can be concave or convex. Suppose the line containing each side is drawn.

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