Geosciences of Azerbaijan: Volume II: Economic Geology and by Akif A. Alizadeh, Ibrahim S. Guliyev, Fakhraddin A. Kadirov,

By Akif A. Alizadeh, Ibrahim S. Guliyev, Fakhraddin A. Kadirov, Lev V. Eppelbaum

This e-book presents a evaluate of Azerbaijan’s water reserves and major monetary deposits (both hydrocarbon and difficult) and describes the built-in software of geophysical equipment (land, airborne, shipborne and satellite tv for pc) for learning near-surface and environmental good points and nearby tectonic-geophysical zonation in addition to the examine of deep constructions within the look for hydrocarbon and difficult (polymetallic, copper, gold-bearing, iron-ore, magnetite, etc.) deposits.  It really specializes in the geophysical exam of seismic job within the quarter concerning the interplay of the Afro-Arabian and Eurasian lithospheric plates.

It is geared toward scientists, engineers and scholars drawn to the economic capability of Azerbaijan’s deposits and the appliance of alternative geophysical methodologies (gravity, magnetic, seismic, thermal, electrical, electromagnetic, etc.) for reading dust volcanism, picking subsurface buildings (including the research of hydrogeological difficulties, the exam of prior climates and archaeological inspection) revealing the deep tectono-structural peculiarities of the sector lower than examine, mining and oil & gasoline geophysics, improvement of 3D physical-geological types and complicated seismological prognosis.

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The suite thickness is about 100 m. The Balakhan suite consists of six production sand horizons, from V to X, characterized by alternating predominance of sandy or clayey material. Sand and sandstone 28 are essentially composed of fine- and medium-grained differences. The suite thickness growth from the Absheron Peninsula toward the Absheron and Baku archipelagos, where it achieves 900 m, is observed. Similarly to the other PS suites, quartz predominates in the light fraction and then follows the percentage composition of feldspars (up to 35–40 %) and rock debris.

The presence of large amounts of brown loam and gypsum is noted. In the western part of the peninsula, clay content grows, whereas in the eastern part, three oil-bearing sand layers are isolated. Like in all other PS suites, quartz predominance is typical. In addition, large amount of rock debris takes place in aleurite and clay compositions. Rock glass is found in small quantities. Heavy fraction contains ore minerals in large quantities. Rock cement is calciferous. The suite thickness is 450 m.

In 1971, commercial oil fields were discovered in the Upper Cretaceous volcanogenic rocks of Muradkhanly area. 11). 0 %, and they have rather high permeability. M. 2 %) and high permeability (366 × 10−15m2). 12). Riff formations that are widely distributed in the Mesozoic sediments can also become the potential promising oiland gas-bearing features. The Jurassic sediments The section of investigated Middle Jurassic deposits is represented by the alternation of sandy–aleuritic and clay (argillites and shales) rocks with thin limestone intercalations.

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