Gondwana master basin of peninsular India between Tethys and by J. J. Veevers

By J. J. Veevers

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Early Cretaceous, probably Albian (≈105 Ma) (Truswell, 1991) coal-bearing fluvial sediment in Ocean Drilling Program drill-hole 741 in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica (Turner and Padley, 1991) was deposited after breakup on the conjugate margin. CONNECTIONS BETWEEN INDIA, ANTARCTICA, AUSTRALIA, AND AFRICA Radial drainage system about the ancestral Gamburtsev Mountains Within the Gondwanaland province of Pangea (Fig. 40), the individual lobes of the Gondwana master basin occupied the central-peripheral part of the broad Zambezian (faultaffected) terrain (ZT) in a system of consequent radial drainage that focused on the ancestral Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains at the core of an East Antarctic paleoupland.

The encircled numerals denote the source of information (Table 7). The Triassic age of sediments in the Krishna-Godavari area is from Prasad and Jain (1994). D3, FA3, and U3 are explained in Table 5. of the Gondwana master basin; and the sea covered part of Western Australia (Fig. 35). In the Amery area of East Antarctica, depjosition started with the Radok Conglomerate (R) shed from the sides of a graben that came off the Gamburtsev upland (I). The upper part of the Ecca Group of the Karoo basin prograded northeastward from the rising Cape foldbelt.

In company with southern Africa and East Antarctica, all but the earlier part of the Triassic is a sediment gap or lacuna in Peninsular India during uplift and erosion. , 1983, p. 158). Gondwanides II is represented by a lacuna between the youngest (240 Ma) preserved folded Beaufort Group and the overlying flat Carnian (230 Ma) coal-bearing Molteno Formation; in eastern Australia, it is represented by the lacuna between the 234-Ma Moolayember Formation, the youngest deformed, and the 230-Ma Ipswich Coal Measures, deposited during extension of the foldbelt.

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