Haematology at a glance by Atul B. Mehta

By Atul B. Mehta

"Haematology at a look offers a concise and obtainable advent to haematology. It follows the easy-to-use at a look layout of double-page spreads comprising of transparent, memorable diagrams illustrating the main proof and crucial textual info. It begins with a proof of standard blood cells and regimen laboratory assessments. It then stories quite a lot of blood disorders."--Jacket.

content material: Haemopoiesis: body structure and pathology --
common blood cells I: crimson cells --
basic blood cells II: granulocytes, monocytes and the reticuloendothelial approach --
common blood cells III: lymphocytes --
Lymph nodes, the lymphatic approach and the spleen --
medical evaluation --
Laboratory evaluate --
Benign problems of white cells: granulocytes, monocytes, macrophages and lymphocytes --
purple mobilephone issues --
Iron I: body structure and deficiency --
Iron II: overload and sideroblastic anaemia --
Megaloblastic anaemia I: diet B12 and folate deficiency--biochemical foundation, reasons --
Megaloblastic anaemia II: scientific good points, remedy and different macrocytic anaemias --
Haemolytic anaemias I: common --
Haemolytic anaemias II: inherited membrane and enzyme defects --
Haemolytic anaemias III: received --
Haemolytic anaemias IV: genetic defects of haemoglobin --
Haemolytic anaemias V: inherited defects of haemogolobin--sickle telephone illness --
Bone marrow failure --
Haematological malignancy: easy mechanisms --
power myeloid leukaemia --
Myelodysplasia --
Acute leukaemia I: category and analysis --
Acute leukaemia II: remedy and analysis --
power lymphocytic leukaemia --
a number of myeloma --
Lymphoma I: Hodgkin lymphoma (Hodgkin's affliction) --
Lymphoma II: non-Hodgkin lymphoma--aetiology and analysis --
Lymphoma III: non-Hodgkin lymphoma--treatment and analysis --
Myeloproliferative issues I: polycythaemia. Myeloproliferative problems II: crucial thrombocythaemia and myelofibrosis --
common haemostasis --
problems of haemostasis: vessel wall and platelets --
issues of coagulation I: inherited --
problems of coagulation II: obtained --
Thrombosis and thrombophilia --
Anticoagulation --
Haematological elements of systemic illness I: inflammation--malignancy --
Haematological elements of systemic affliction II: renal, liver, endocrine, amyloid --
Haematological points of systemic disorder III: an infection --
Blood transfusion --
Stem telephone transplantation --
normal facets of therapy --
functional approaches --
Haematology of being pregnant and infancy --
Haematological results of drugs.

deals an advent to haematology. This name starts off with an evidence of standard blood cells and regimen laboratory exams. It stories quite a lot of blood issues. It provides the main facts Read more...

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In Fanconi’s anaemia lymphocyte chromosomes show random breaks. Acute leukaemia may occur. g. antilymphocyte globulin (ALG), horse or rabbit, given intravenously over several days, and ciclosporin (alone or with ALG) improve marrow function in 50–70% of severe cases. Corticosteroids are given with ALG to prevent serum sickness. g. oxymetholone) may benefit Fanconi’s anaemia and acquired aplastic anaemia. • Bone marrow transplantation offers a cure in severe cases, providing there is an HLA matching sibling to act as donor.

Minimal residual disease (Fig. 20b) Oncogenes Oncogenes, whose protein products cause malignant transformation, are derived from normal cellular genes (proto-oncogenes). These code for proteins usually involved in one or other stage in cell signal transduction, gene transcription, cell cycle, cell survival/apoptosis or differentiation. Activation of protooncogenes to become oncogenes may occur by amplification, point mutation or translocation (most frequent in haematological malignancies) from one chromosomal location to another.

Mismatched blood transfusion (usually ABO) G6PD deficiency with oxidant stress Red cell fragmentation syndromes Some autoimmune haemolytic anaemias Some drug- and infection-induced haemolytic anaemias Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria March haemoglobinuria Unstable haemoglobin Laboratory features • Haemoglobin level may be normal or reduced. • Raised reticulocyte count. g. spherocytes, elliptocytes, sickle cells or fragmented cells. • Bone marrow shows increased erythropoiesis. • Serum indirect (unconjugated) bilirubin is raised.

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