Handbook of Spectral Lines in Diamond: Volume 1: Tables and by Bernhard Dischler

By Bernhard Dischler

This guide is a step forward within the realizing of the big variety of spectral strains in diamond. facts on greater than 2000 traces and bands are awarded in two hundred tables, together with many unpublished effects.

With a singular association scheme, the hunt for a particular line is enormously simplified as a gain for researchers and students.

In order to fulfill the curiosity within the realizing of the spectra, constitution assignments for eighty % of the strains are given, of which 15 % in simple terms have been released earlier than. nearly all of the constructions for the three hundred facilities is defined ordinarily for the 1st time.

A key tool within the interpretation is the research via donor-acceptor pair transitions. In a unique bankruptcy ninety five such facilities are indexed and mentioned, of which simply were released sooner than, the 1st one by means of the current writer in 1994.

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3–6. [Zai01]; Fig. 7. 141a [Dav77c] [Cla65, Dea65a] [Zai01] (p. 94 eV) Wavel. / Comment Line-label Energy Frequ. 103 cm 1 / (nm) 52 Spectral Lines in Natural Diamond 22:92 23:01 23:03 23:10 23:17 23:18 23:20 23:30 23:37 23:55 23:56 23:63 23:66 23:70 2:841 2:853 2:855 2:864 2:872 2:874 2:876 2:889 2:897 2:920 2:921 2:930 2:933 2:938 NL2440-l NL2440m NL2652c NL2440n NL2440-o NL2681i NL2476d NL2440p NL2440q NL2920 NL2985-s1 NL2476e NL2985-s2 NL2985-s3 424:6 424:4 423:1 422:7 422:0 431:1 429:1 428:0 431:4 436:4 434:6 434:2 432:9 431:7 ::: N3c-s1 DAP74e N3c–s2 N3c–s3 DAP74d N3c-DAP24p N3c-DAP24q DAP66i N3c-DAP24-l N3c-DAP24m DAP22c N3c-DAP24n N3c-DAP24-o s D 22, calc.

94 eV) Wavel. / Line-label Energy Frequ. 103 cm 1 / (nm) s D 64, calc. 129 eV NGD (pink) s D 58, calc. 137 eV s D 54, calc. 142 eV s D 50, calc. 147 eV s D 42, calc. 163 eV NGD (pink) s D 34, calc. 183 eV s D 22, calc. 231 eV var. 262 eV s D 14, calc. 292 eV s D 12, calc. 141 Figs. 3–6 [Zai01]; Fig. 7 [Zai98] [Cla65, Fuc96] [Wel94] [Cla65, Fuc96] [Cla65, Fuc96] [Cla65, Fuc96] [Cla65, Fuc96] [Zai01] [Cla65, Fuc96] [Cla65, Fuc96] [Zai01] [Cla65, Fuc96] [Cla65, Fuc96] References 28 2 Spectral Lines in Natural Diamond 26:87 27:25 27:35 28:57 28:98 29:06 29:70 30:34 31:27 31:46 31:68 3:331 3:378 3:391 3:542 3:593 3:603 3:682 3:762 3:877 3:901 3:928 NA3075k NA3333b NA3075-l NA3075m NA3593 NA3075n NA3075-o : : :: : :NA3075p NA3877 NA3901 NA3928 315:6 317:8 319:8 329:6 336:7 365:6 350:0 345:1 344:1 372:1 367:0 N6-lineD A(a) DAP52g ::: V1 N3 (c)-DAP23p V1 N3 (c)-DAP23-o V1 N3 (c)-DAP23-l V1 N3 (c)-DAP23m ::: V1 N3 (c)-DAP23n V1 N3 (c)-DAP23k S4-DAP59b N2 ı V1 N2 ı ::: V1 N 3 ı s D 4, calc.

248 eV s D 98, calc. 132 Figs. 3–6 [Zai01]; Fig. 7.

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