Harlequin Blaze 255 - The Player by Rhonda Nelson

By Rhonda Nelson

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T leave without giving you a proper goodbye.? t particularly care for his attention. Looking ready to retch, Tewanda rolled her eyes. t have to do that,? she said, disentangling herself from him. t want to miss your flight.? No, no, of course not. I just wanted to give you a reason to miss me.? t say anything. He ran a finger down her nose. d asked you.? This time she chuckled, but there was almost a sick-sounding quality to it that Jamie was certain both he and Tewanda had heard, but that had completely gone unnoticed by Derrick.

Sorry,? she mumbled. s all right,? he told her, waving it off. What are you apologizing to him for?? Derrick asked, seemingly offended. s me you were rude to.? She tidied a stack of papers on her desk and grunted. t exist.? s company for a total of thirty seconds and found that he whole-heartedly concurred. s desk walked in. Sonofabitch, Jamie thought, his suspicions confirmed. Oh, this was not good. Not good at all. As an elite graduate of Ranger School, Jamie had been trained to notice every detail.

And honestly, there had been no need. belonging to superior officers. t be hard. There were plenty of other available women around. d gone to her father and cried foul. It had been a huge ugly mess and, given his particular reputation, no one was readily inclined to believe him. d been on a short list. selective. Payne took another mouthful of beer and swallowed. re going in undercover?? Jamie nodded. s the plan.? t get it,? Guy said, his shrewd gaze speculative. t know where the threat is coming from??

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