Hematopathology: A Volume in the High Yield Pathology Series by Jon C. Aster MD PhD, Olga Pozdnyakova MD PhD, Jeffery L.

By Jon C. Aster MD PhD, Olga Pozdnyakova MD PhD, Jeffery L. Kutok MD PhD

Recognize the vintage look of hematologic illnesses and quickly make certain your diagnoses with Hematopathology: A quantity within the excessive Yield Pathology Series. A templated layout, very good colour pictures, authoritative content material, and on-line entry make this an excellent reference for busy pathologists.

  • Find details fast and simply with a templated, easy-to-reference structure and concise, bulleted textual content.
  • Confirm your diagnoses with very good colour pictures that reveal the vintage visual appeal of the complete variety of hematologic ailments - either benign and malignant - together with immunodeficiency-associated lymphoproliferative issues, reminiscent of AIDS; problems of coagulation; bone marrow failure syndromes; and the entire forms of leukemia and lymphoma.
  • Depend on authoritative info from prime pathologists.
  • Access the complete textual content on-line, practice fast searches, and obtain photos at professional Consult.

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The smear shows several small platelets with normal morphology. ╇ Gray platelet syndrome, bone marrow biopsy. The biopsy shows hypercellular marrow with maturing trilineage hematopoiesis and background fibrosis. ╇ Gray platelet syndrome, reticulin stain. The bone marrow shows diffusely increased reticulin fibrosis. ╇ May-Hegglin anomaly, peripheral blood smear. The smear shows a neutrophil with large, peripheral, spindle-shaped Döhle body–like granules. ╇ Pelger-Huët anomaly, peripheral blood smear.

Peripheral blood smear shows red blood cells containing ring forms with pale blue cytoplasm and one to two chromatic dots. Some red blood cells have more than one organism (arrow). ╇ Erlichiosis/anaplasmosis. Peripheral blood smear shows a granulocyte with an intracytoplasmic inclusion (Anaplasma morula). Prognosis and treatment • Antibacterial treatment with doxycycline or chloramphenicol • Life-threatening infection in immunocompromised patients • Mortality rate: 3-5% for HME and 7-10% for HGA Pathology Histology (buffy coats or peripheral blood smears) • Ehrlichia spp.

The ring forms of P. vivax can be difficult to distinguish from P. ovale. shows a P. malariae gametocyte that almost entirely fills the red cell. Abundant hematin pigment is present, and the chromatin stains pink. The red blood cell is not enlarged. shows a P. ovale ring form trophozoite with a large single chromatin dot, thick “fish-like” cytoplasm, and prominent Schüffner dots. ╇ Plasmodium ovale/Plasmodium vivax, peripheral blood smear. The smear shows an enlarged red cell entirely occupied by a gametocyte with dark blue cytoplasm and fine brown pigment.

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