John G. Bennett's talks on Beelzebub's tales by Bennett, John G.; Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch; Blake, A.

By Bennett, John G.; Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch; Blake, A. G. E

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I told him that many had asked me to help them to understand the difficult words and even more difficult ideas in the book. ” In June and July of 1949, Bennett gave six lectures just before he went to Paris for a prolonged stay, three months before Gurdjieff’s death. Bennett began preparing these lectures for publication as late as 1973: “… in spite of the development of my own understanding since they were given. ” Bennett’s project was abandoned; and this compilation represents what might have been.

He creates the character Makary Kronbernkzion to highlight this, a sacred individual of good will who nevertheless brought immense harm upon humanity by the invention of this idea and languishes upon the Holy Planet Purgatory until its effects can be ameliorated. The prospect of higher individuals making mistakes recurs throughout the book. In this, Gurdjieff takes the old idea of “fallen angels” to new heights. The idea that Satan is essential to the workings of the divine is to be found in most esoteric traditions; but Gurdjieff exhibits this idea in a multitude of ways from the perspective of the law of three, as an essential principle.

While thus preserving the conceptions that are common to all the great religions, Gurdjieff presents them in a new and penetrating form. To mention one example only, I would say that his doctrine of Original Sin, expressed in the myth of the organ kundabuffer, is more profoundly satisfying than anything to be found in the theologies of the East or the West. ”15 Superficially, All and Everything is a cruel satire upon human nature. It exposes ruthlessly our age-old weaknesses of vanity, credulity and self-love.

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