Night of the Daemon by Aaron Rosenberg

By Aaron Rosenberg

After their adventures in "Day of the Daemon", Alaric and Dietz head south to the Border Princes, the wild, lawless land south of the Empire. Narrowly escaping the clutches of a liche lord, their quest leads them to a fortress filled with Chaos cultists. opposed to such most unlikely odds, how can our heroes and their new best friend get in to defeat the daemon this time?

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Several more guards stood above, evidently on a catwalk behind the wall, their weapons aimed casually down at the approaching travellers. Alaric and Dietz slowed their horses as they approached, keeping their hands in plain sight of the guards. ” one of the guards shouted as they neared, swinging his crossbow towards them. “Just passing through,” Alaric replied easily. The guard nodded and stepped aside for them to pass by, and Dietz followed his friend into the city. “Perhaps they haven’t returned yet,” Alaric said too softly for the guards to hear, although his tone suggested he was not going to rely upon that.

The sounds of other soldiers marching around, patrolling the pass that disappeared into the mountains above, emerged behind him. “Indeed you do,” Alaric replied. ” He preened slightly, adjusting the short sleeves of his soft leather jacket and the silk shirt-ties at his throat, brushing back a stray hair that had drifted across his handsome face. Then he shifted the weight of the rapier at his side, making his horse shuffle. If either of them felt the summer heat they didn’t show it, but Dietz was sweating up a storm, his raw-boned face dripping moisture, his simple, serviceable leathers clinging to his long frame.

He stripped off thick gloves and raised one long-fingered hand, fingers splayed, to rest his palm against the rough stone. The hand stopped just shy of contact, a shudder passing though him. The man raised his hand for a second time, and the air around him thickened. Wisps of fog or smoke swirled around his fingers as he pushed, his entire body leaning into the motion. Again his hand stopped inches from the stone. After a moment the man tried again. This time the darkness seemed to rise around him, shrouding him until he was little more than a sensation of motion, a hint of substance.

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