Pesticide Residues in Food: 2001 Evaluations Part 2 by World Health Organization

By World Health Organization

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A 10% suspension of DIFLUBENZURON 35-59 JMPR 2001 40 diflubenzuron in 1% gum tragacanth was applied at 150 mg/kg bw to shaved areas and occluded for 6 h, when the site was washed. Excretion of radiolabel in urine and faeces was determined over 48 h. 1% in urine. Diflubenzuron is thus poorly absorbed through rabbit skin (de Lange, 1979). Cats Diflubenzuron labelled with 14C and 3H was administered orally to cats at a dose of about 7 mg/kg bw on day 10 of a 15-day dosing regimen with unlabelled diflubenzuron.

7 mg/kg bw per day. On the basis of this new study, and taking into account that all the previously evaluated studies were of limited significance and validity for evaluating reproductive effects, the Meeting concluded that carbaryl does not impair fertility or reproduction and has no adverse effects on the male or female reproductive system. In 1996, the Meeting concluded that carbaryl has developmental toxicity, manifested as deaths in utero, reduced fetal weight and malformations, but only at doses that are overtly maternally toxic.

02 mg/kg bw per day in a study with volunteers and a 10-fold safety factor. 002 mg/kg bw was reaffirmed. The present review was undertaken to consider the need for establishing an acute reference dose (RfD). Evaluation for acute reference dose 1. Time course of acute inhibition of cholinesterase activity Rats Diazinon (purity, 88%) was administered as a single dose by gavage to Harlan SpragueDawley rats in order to determine the time course of inhibition of serum, erythrocyte and brain cholinesterase activity.

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