Tantric Art and Meditation by Michael R. Saso

By Michael R. Saso

This ebook outlines different points of Tendai Tantric Buddhism. It summarized teachings which are practiced on Mt. Hiei in Kyoto.

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Traditionally understood to mean “Going beyond what’s expected of you,” but not everyone realizes that it means, “beyond” but specifically for the sake of helping others more and better than what’s expected of you, or has been possible of anyone, before. It can be a little dishonest at it’s worst, denying the bad that exists or existed at all in many Scripture as being “misunderstandings,” but there profound depth that I don’t know of any better way to express sometimes. Alas, but that we that call ourselves “Chassidim” were to realize that, and would be able and willing to alter the limits of who we are willing to go beyond expectations to help.

Clarified and appreciated, so deeply. All my enemies will come and apologize, crying, "i'm so sorry... I didn't realize... I was hurting so much, I just couldn't see, I just couldn't-- couldn't" And i'll cry, and say, I know, I'm the same way. One of the major ideas that was introduced to me at the time was the Simple Faith. Very popular in most orthodox Christian sects, it's a perspective generally assumed by scholars to be eschewed by logic-convoluted Rabbinic Judaism. Not so, says Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Tetragramatrawhatchamacalit. Yeah. Hey! Whoa. Hey! All over the house, affixed to every wall, in every room except the lavatory. It's big and it's small. It's backwards and it’s forwards. Upside down and mirrored, spiralled into shapes. Simply inscribed in parchment in traditional black ink, colorfully printed out green on purple, pink on green, gold on silver and visa versa. The orange and blue felt the best to me, that night, personally. Green on purple would be the one I'd find myself using second most often, next to good old white on black.

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