The Book of formation : Sepher Yetzirah by Akiba ben Joseph; Knut Stenring

By Akiba ben Joseph; Knut Stenring

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The Twenty-two basal letters are 22 creating factors FIG. 2. Notes on The Book of Formation 43 or forces. These forces cannot be apprehended by the human Mind unless they are symbolised. In Kabalism their symbols are the 22 Hebrew letters. (Notes I. ) Three mothers. See Notes III. sibilant, whistling. II. 2. He designed, formed, purified, and weighed them. This signifies the beauty and harmony of the creation. --4'1'! = TzRPf=to melt (Bible), to purify (Bible), to unite (Talmud). -,o~ = IMR. (MIMRA =word.

Serpent. Hand. Palm of the hand. Ox-goad. Mem Water. Nun Fish. inal-r L ~~ S 0 70 80 Final-~ ~} ~~ Final-900 Tzf Q 100 R Sh Th 200 800 400 Samekh Prop, support. Eye. Ayin Mouth. Pe Tzaddi Qoph Resh Shin Tau Fishinghook. Back of the head. Head. Tooth. Sign of the cross. 8eoona column, thia table ia according to S. L. MacGngor Mather8. THE BOOK OF FORMATION CHAPTER I 1. G od; He is great and e{l)alted and eternally dwelling in the Height, His name is holy, He is e{l)alted and holy. He created His Universe by the three forms of expression: Numbers, Letters, and Words.

The present version of "Sepher Yetzirah" is a word-forword translation from the Hebrew, and a list of the texts used for this purpose will be found on the last page. Those portions of the text which we regard as genuine are printed in ordinary type, and the spurious passages in italics. Words placed within brackets are additions or renderings made by us. " It is hoped that the elucidations provided in the notes will not only reawaken interest in the text itself but in Kabalistic philosophy at large and lead to a much-needed renaissance of occultism.

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