The Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus: Of the Virtues of by Michael R. Best, Frank H. Brightman

By Michael R. Best, Frank H. Brightman

A compilation from a couple of resources by way of an nameless writer who, based on editors top and Brightman, most likely used to be one among Albertus Magnus' fans. A collector's merchandise, it has a extra colloquial voice than the writing of the real Albertus Magnus and gives a correct portrayal of the paranormal tradition that predominated within the sixteenth century. a part of the Weiser vintage sequence. Index, Bibliography, 34 woodcut illustrations.

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From the Hortus Sanitatis (q 91) If th ou wilt bave good understanding of things that may be I S felt, and that thou may not be made drunken. Take the stone which is called A methystus, and it is of purple colour, and the best is found in Indi a. And it is good against to 'solve'; the whole phrase ('dark questions • . ') is an explanation of the word enigmata in the Latin text. § I S. Amethyst is a quanz (crystalline silica, Si0 2) gem, wine.. coloured due to traces of manganese. Pliny supposed that "amethystus' meant "not drunken' and tried to justify this by referring to the colour of the stone, but he was contemptuous of the belief (attributed by A lbertus Magnus to the unidentified "A aron') that it prevents drunkenness.

And this last was proved in my time. The eleventh herb is named of the Chaldees Isiphilon, of the Greeks Orgelon, of the La tins C entaurea, of Englishmen Centaury. Witches say that this herb hath a marvellous virtue, for ifit be joined with the blood ofa female Lapwing, or Black Plover, and be put with oil in a lamp, all they that compass it about shall believe themselves to be witches, so that one shall believe of another that his head is in heaven and his feet in the earth. And if the aforesaid thing be put in the fire when the stars shine it shall appear that the stars run one against another, and fight.

And it is good against the blood of the eyes. rrvellous clear, because the light of the eyes has propinquatum lII yJlicum [a mystical affi nity] with the substance of the Moon . under the dominion of Saturn; yet some hold of the Sun'. According to Turner, in French it is called 'la corrigio le", but Corrigiola litoralis. is a quite unrelated and much less common plant. The reference to Alchone IS obscure; astrological house of the sun is Leo. Most of the ma~ic of this pl~nt comes by 'VIII pathetic association with the life-giving sun.

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