The Complete Guide to Trailering Your Boat by Bruce W. Smith

By Bruce W. Smith

Grasp the main tough a part of boating ahead of hitting the water This entire consultant can assist you achieve self assurance, advance abilities, and keep away from boat-ramp and street mishaps whilst trailering your boat. The publication comprises easy-to-follow, seriously illustrated directions on riding, backing, launching, retrieving, and tying down your boat; trailer upkeep; and choosing tow automobiles, hitches, trailers, and towing add-ons.

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CH O O S I N G YO U R V EH I C LE The ARB Air Locker is an aftermarket locking differential kit that you can add to your vehicle if it isn’t equipped with a factory unit. (ARB USA) The difference between an ARB Air Locker and a conventional locking differential is that the driver exercises absolute control over the Air Locker. Conventional lockers lock and unlock automatically when they sense a threshold difference in rotation between the wheels on the drive axle. An added benefit of an air-actuated locker is that it gives you an onboard air supply with which to keep tow vehicle and trailer tires inflated—not to mention the air mattresses and other inflatable items commonly found on a boating outing.

Boat manufacturers have a knack for keeping the rigged-and-ready-for-the-water weight of their products unpublished. It’s not so much that they don’t want buyers to know how much the boat/trailer package weighs; rather, there are so many variables that it would CH O O S I N G YO U R V EH I C LE 23 be hard to list all the combinations. So they publish dry hull weights instead, leaving the burden of doing the math on you. Say you have your eye on a slick little 19-foot fish-and-ski. Its dry hull weight is listed at 1,750 pounds—not too bad—but let’s look at the weight of everything else: • • • • • The four-stroke, V-6 outboard: 500 pounds 30 gallons of fuel: 183 pounds 56-quart ice chest filled with ice, food, and drinks: 80 pounds Skiing and fishing gear and accessories: 100 pounds Your fancy tandem-axle trailer: 800 pounds Take a look at the tables that follow to get a sense of what things weigh, then tow your boat with full tanks and gear to a public truck scale, and spend a couple of bucks on a weigh ticket.

CHEVROLET/ GENERAL MOTORS) come loose from the hitch ball. This phenomenon is worse on some CUVs than others, and there is no correlation with the price of the vehicle. The sound of the clanking hitch reverberates through the passenger compartment of a Mercedes just as annoyingly loud as it does inside a Kia. This sound is caused by the way the hitch is attached to the body and how much or how little sound-deadening material the vehicle manufacturer has used to isolate the hitch noises from the passenger compartment.

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