The Hidden Queen by Alma Alexander

By Alma Alexander

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There was an odd smell in the air, partly that of death, partly something more intangible, a smell, perhaps, of treachery, or regret. Someone had torched a grain storehouse and the fire hadn’t fully caught—the roof still smoldered dully, adding acrid, murky smoke to the already polluted atmosphere. Sif, unaccountably, felt cheated. “I wanted to ride into my father’s city in glory,” he said to Fodrun, riding beside him. He lifted a hand from his black stallion’s reins, waving a waft of smoke from before his face.

Rima trusted her sister—Chella had the ability to make the entire household swear to that, if Sif should choose to inquire. Even the children . . Rima allowed herself a moment of bitterness. There, at Cascin, no The Hidden Queen 23 more than a small manor in the hinterland of Roisinan, were three sons waiting to inherit—while here, at Miranei, there was but one small girl to take up the burden of a kingdom. It was not fair. It was not fair! If only she had been able to give Dynan a son to supplant his first-born child by another woman—a true-born son instead of Sif, who gloried in his right to bear Dynan’s name.

It’s my guess it was for this she was attacked. ‘Sign,’ she said. ’ Something signed. ” It was much crumpled and partly stained with Rima’s blood, but it was still legible enough. As Sif tried to make sense of it, Fodrun watched his face change again, sliding into the cold fury only lately quelled. When he looked up, even Fodrun quailed at his icy eyes even though the anger was not for him. Sif spoke to the guard without even turning his head in that direction. “Find me one of those Sighted women; there used to be dozens in the keep.

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