The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book by Rick Riordan

By Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson is an efficient child, yet he can't appear to concentrate on his schoolwork or keep watch over his mood. And in recent years, being away at boarding tuition is barely getting worse-Percy may have sworn his pre-algebra instructor become a monster and attempted to kill him. while Percy's mother reveals out, she is aware it's time that he knew the reality approximately the place he got here from, and that he visit the single position he'll be secure. She sends Percy to Camp part Blood, a summer season camp for demigods (on lengthy Island), the place he learns that the daddy he by no means knew is Poseidon, God of the ocean. quickly a secret unfolds and with his buddies -- one a satyr and the opposite the demigod daughter of Athena -- Percy units out on a quest around the usa to arrive the gates of the Underworld (located in a recording studio in Hollywood) and stop a catastrophic warfare among the gods.

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With strength he combines great agility, and is, accordingto Homer, the fleetest of the gods. Strong though he be, however, he is overmatched in battle by Athene; a palpable indication that prudent courage often accomplishes more than impetuous violence. The usual attendants and servants of Ares are Fear and Terror. By somewriters they are described as his sons, yet in Homer they fight against him. There is little to be said of the principal seatsof his worship in Greece. In Thebeshe was regarded as the god of pestilence; and Aphrodite, who elsewhere appearsas the wife of Hephaestus,was given him to wife.

As such,shepossessed a veryancientshrineon Mount Algidus,near Tusculum. Like the GreekArtemis, shewasalso regardedas the tutelarygoddessof women,and was invoked by women in childbirth. This wasalsothe casewith Artemis, although the Fig. -Diuna of Versailles. The Gods of Olympus. 51 matrons of Greecelooked for more protection in this respect at the hands of Hera. She gained, however, a certain political importancein Korneafter having beenmadeby ServiusTullius the tutelary deity of the Latin League.

33 Eome. Her chief shrine was on the Capitol, where she had a separatechapelin the temple of Jupiter. The Matronalia, the chief festival of the goddess, was celebrated on the first Fig. -Head of Hera, perhapsafter Polyeletus. Naples. day of March, when all the matronsof the city marchedin processionto her temple on the Esquiline, and there offered 34 Greek and Roman Mythologys her flowers and libations. The victims usually sacrificed to Juno were young heifers : her sacred birds were the goose and the crow, to which the peacock of the Greek Hera was afterwards added.

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