The Mendip Caves by H. E. Balch

By H. E. Balch

The Mendip Caves examines the demographic gains of Wookey gap caves, and the Cheddar gorge and caves. This publication includes 8 chapters that debate the historical past of the areas and the caves.
The first chapters addresses a few very important exploration of the subterranean river, Cox’s cave, Gough’s cave, Swallet caves, Rock shelters, and the Badger gap. The succeeding chapters describe the good Cave of Wookey gap; features and personalities of the folks dwelling within the cave; description of the noises heard contained in the cave; the invention and old history of the cave; and unique description of Valley of Wookey gap and the Gorge of Ebbor. different chapters research the artefacts stumbled on within the cave, the traditions and day-by-day actions performed contained in the cave, and the antiquity of the caves of Mendip. The final chapters discover the caves and shelters of jap Mendip, in addition to the Levvy of Sandford Hill.
The e-book delivers valuable details to the archaeologists, explorers, scholars, and researchers.

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The wonders of the cave at Wookey Hole seem to have especially struck him, his account of it being as follows: "Below the parish of Wookey Hole, about half a mile from Wells, there is a certain narrow entrance (into the rock) where at the beginning is an image of a man who goes by the name of the porter, and it is the duty of the people who desire to enter the hall of Wookey to ask permission of the porter, and they carry in their hands torches, which are called in English 'shevys of reed sedge', for the purpose of lighting up the hall.

5—16, p. 48, are carved from solid bone and there is great variety in the form of the heads. There are many devices in bone and antler which are deserving of careful examination. They are illustrated on PL 11, the unique implement No. 17 being beautifully wrought, and unlike any­ thing of the present day, its purpose being almost inexplicable. It is highly polished, with its surface divided into triangles, each of which contains a group of incised circles and dots and these are grouped generally in sevens.

D. 658, when the ever-encroaching Saxon power under Cenwealh pushed them further still, and all lowland Somerset, to the Parrett, passed into their hands. Until that time we find the apparent anomaly, that Wells1 remained British, while the Cheddar Valley quite up to Wookey had become Saxon. Probably most of the British tribes had disappeared over the Severn into Wales, from which they looked back with longing on the Isle of Avalon over sea. Those who remained became serfs, whose lowly position is clearly shown in many a Saxon record, and who are discriminated against even in the laws of King Ina, where the punishment for the same offence is one penalty for the Saxon and a severer one for the Welshman.

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