The Practical Astronomer’s Deep-sky Companion by Jess K. Gilmour

By Jess K. Gilmour

As an beginner astronomer with years of expertise, I surprise on the pleasure skilled by way of a newbie who effectively hunts down their first deep-space item in a telescope. it doesn't matter what age or ability point, "nailing" a formerly unobserved item in the course of the eye­ piece, either immediately defines their love of the pastime and offers a sense of clinical accomplishment regardless of how renowned to others the item will be. With the development in computer-guided telescopes and automated item middle­ ing, the novice astronomy pastime has skilled great and unparalleled progress. First timers are attending public staring at classes or summer season big name events with reasonably cheap computer-controlled telescopes, and are immediately rewarded with perspectives of celes­ tial items with unusual names and numbers. yet: what to examine? am i able to see it via my telescope? For the pro observer the matter is assorted: "I've noticeable that item 1000 instances, can anyone express me anything new?" Astrophotographers, amateur and pro, usually ask yourself approximately taking pictures new gadgets on movie or CCD, yet first spend hours poring via megastar charts familiarizing themselves with the celebrity box, deciding upon consultant famous person, and so on. The contents of this publication combines, in a transparent and concise demeanour, info that may help newbie, beginner, intermediate and complex beginner astronomy hobbyists. The items are all seen in medium-to-large-aperture telescopes and supply a big variety of gadgets to watch or picture. vii Contents advent. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Xl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Andromeda. · 1 Aquarius. .4 Aquila ... . · 7 Aries ..... . · nine Auriga .... . 12 Bootes .... .

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_ _ _ I 2 7 II 4. 2' -23" 10' 32" 11 ,0' d uster. ' ,. 26 1 2. 3 10"1110 8. 54 x 0 8. 0 0 4. 68 Crosses Prime Meridian: October thru December Cas . •·0 •. ,"""'" • "5" 5'_10' ~ l a' <~ • PERSEUS '. • 8r1g1>tN_ • "'0' " ~10' Ga~ . ". ct: III II. o - I I) ~ U Constellation Facts: e Cassiopeia ; (KASS-ee-oh -PEE-ah) CassIopeia . the Queen. North circumpolar constellation. thus it is above the horizon throughout the year. The ' W of Cassiopeia is one of the most familiar as\erisms in the night sky.

2 ...... 80' NoIUg '1\'"' N~" . , URSA ","OR ""'~ .. --....... , BOOTES ". ,. ,--- , , .. w. _ .. ,. sigh) Canes Venallci, the Hunting Dogs. The constellation rises in the northeast. moves across the meridian overhead, and sets in the northwest. Constellation lies in one of the most transparent parts of the Milky Way, about 90 from the plane. This provides a clear view of galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Constellation covers 465 square degrees. Constellation is visible from 90- N 10 3r S.

6' If? 54' 11. 0 Ie 5067f70 the ' Pelican Nebula" is found due west of NGC 7000. Object is separated from NGC 7000 by a II. 0 Mag: NGC 7027 is a small irregular planetary oobula. Objed is located near NGC 7000. r x 4. 3' broad band 01 dust. ' . '··· '. 29" II. 2 FOV(35mm film): . 3 NGC 7000 " North American Nebula" · 4" 115 6" ff9 1 5O"x . 0" x 1 5 . 2 Con: Type : Mag: NGC 6871 is a rich open cluster found in the central region of Cygnus. ocated in Cygnus. 0r x 1 6. 68"x 1 0. 54" x 081 . 45"x 0.

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