The revelation by Morris Cerullo

By Morris Cerullo

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Look at them fighting and backbiting and criticizing...! " That's going to be shaken. The stench of carnality in the church is going to be replaced with love and true spiritual growth. You're going to be able to tell real Christians by looking at them and listening to them and observing their habits. " That's what so many people say to excuse the way they dress or the things they do. and man is going to be able to tell the real from the pretense. I'm not saying that holiness is not wearing pants, or not wearing adornment, or altogether in how you dress.

The rapture is the calling away of that precious undefiled element which God the Father is going to present to His Son as a reward for His death on the cross. " Don't be deceived. That is just not going to happen. This bride of Christ is going to be refined and purified right here on earth and then it is going to be presented to Jesus without spot or wrinkle. ) In order for this to happen, there must be a shaking. And it is going to bring about a beauty inside of us that will be something fit for the bride of Christ.

Matthew 7:27) Let's talk about our homes. it's hard to realize that this shaking I am talking about has not already taken place. But we've only seen the beginning. Homes are going to be shaken as never before. ONLY THOSE HOMES AND THOSE FAMILIES WHICH ARE TIED TO THE WORD OF GOD ARE GOING TO MAKE IT. We've had the crises of young people, of rebellion, of hippies and dope addicts even in Christian homes. God has spoken to me about this that one of the reasons these things have penetrated the Christian home is because the Christian home is compromising.

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