The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead by J. Gordon Melton

By J. Gordon Melton

Revised, up-to-date, and enlarged, this substantial reference is an alphabetic journey of the psychosexual, macabre global of the blood-sucking undead. Digging deep into the lore, myths, and said realities of vampires and vampire legends from around the globe, many elements are uncovered—historical, literary, mythological, biographical, and renowned. From Vlad the Impaler and Barnabas Collins to Dracula and Lestat, this exhaustive advisor furnishes greater than 500 essays, a vampire chronology, and 60 pages of vampire assets. whole with special illustrations and pictures, the third version of this renowned authority features a wealth of present occasions, together with the Twilight phenomenon; modern authors of vampire romance; the expansion and improvement of actual, self-identified vampire groups; and prominent television exhibits from Buffy to True Blood.

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Then in 2003, Leslie E. Banks, writing under her pseudonym L. A. Banks, issued Minion, the first of what became her Vampire Huntress books. The series, built around a young African American vampire hunter named Damali, found an audience among readers of romance novels, and by 2009, a dozen titles had appeared. Banks emerged as the most successful African American vampire author to date. Sources: Brandon, Elizabeth. ” In Mody C. Boatright, Wilson M. Hudson, and Allen Maxwell, eds. The Golden Log.

Rockville, MD: Sense of Wonder, 2004. Alqul see: Ghouls Alternate Shadows see: Dark Shadows Fandom ( Aluka A ) luka is the word for a leech (Haemopsis sanguisuga) in ancient Hebrew. The word appeared in the Jewish Bible in Proverbs 30:15, where it was variously translated as [10] THE VAMPIRE BOOK: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE UNDEAD vampire encyclopedia 7/26/10 2:45 PM Page 11 America, Vampires in leech or horseleech. ” In Syria and Israel, there were several species of leeches, one of which would attach itself to the neck of horses as they drank from streams.

The obayifo, unknown to Summers, was actually the Ashanti name for a West African vampire that reappeared under similar names in the mythology of most of the neighboring tribes. For example, among the Dahomeans, the vampire was known as the asiman. The obayifo was a witch living incognito in the community. The process of becoming a witch was an acquired trait—there was no genetic link. Hence, there was no way to tell who might be a witch. Secretly, the witch was able to leave its body and travel at night as a glowing ball of light.

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