Too Far Gone by John Ramsey Miller

By John Ramsey Miller

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They would given him a host and brought away his identify. Taken his freedom, his domestic, his kinfolk. every little thing that made existence worthy lifing. yet they could not take his wish. .. and he or she got here to him taking a look like an angel with hair the colour of silver moonlight and eyes the colour of a turbulent sea. She tenderly taken care of his wounds whereas he lay in darkness, giving him the need to move on.

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He always calls to tell me if he’s not going to make it on time,” she countered, defensively. “I’ve called his cell phone for hours, but it went straight to message. He rarely turns it on anyway. He carries it for emergencies. Anyway, I found it in our bedroom. ” LePointe frowned. ” Kennedy asked. ” Kennedy said, starting to write that down. “R and O’s, out on the Lakefront. We eat lunch there together every Friday. Except when we’re out of town,” Casey said. ” Kennedy asked, seemingly serious.

I’m sorry if I’m not doing this briefing right. ” Alexa laughed. “Forgive me. It’s late, and being a smart-ass is part of my FBI training. ” Manseur had slowed the car, so Alexa figured they must be getting close to wherever they were heading. “Dr. William LePointe is presently the last male LePointe. His brother, Curry, has been dead for twenty-six years. ” And an FBI agent who specializes in abductions. “Kyler Kennedy, our Missing Persons detective who was at your lecture, is meeting us there.

Bam! A shutter on a nearby window, suddenly unhooked, slapped at the side of the house like an angry fist against a door. Bam! Bam! Bam! The four-year-old pushed back the covers, slid off the mattress, and shot to the door, thinking of the safe, warm nest between her parents in their bed. Throwing open her door Casey ran across the hallway to her parents’ bedroom, clutching the bear to her chest. They won’t be mad. She turned the knob and slowly crept into the bedroom, where lightning illuminated the crumpled bedding.

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