Tradition Book: Akashic Brotherhood (Mage: The Ascension) by Malcolm Sheppard

By Malcolm Sheppard

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Symeon in Ep 3 tends to be repetitious at times, and he more than once displays his great concern to prove that genuine spiritual fathers are the heirs of the apostles, and so should not be slighted but rather accorded much respect. ) It is, Symeon says, needful to seek and find a spiritual father, but not all who claim the title are really authentic. However, if we are sincere God will lead us to a man who is in truth holy. Genuine and false fathers can be known ‘by their fruits’— this assertion recurs in Ep 4—but this test is of no help to an unspiritual Christian.

1 Co 6: 17. Cf. 1 Co 12: 17, Ep 5: 30. 2 P 2: 22, Pr 26: 11. 39 40 Cf. 1 Co 6: 16. 1 Co 12: 27 (but Symeon has changed ‘you’ to ‘we’). 41 1 Co 6: 15. Cf. Symeon’s over-literal treatment of 1 Co 12: 27 in Hymn xv, 157–61, SC 156, p. 290. 135 140 145 150 155 160 38 140 145 150 155 160 165 epistle 1 ∆ια` το το φ γωµεν τ ν αµαρτ αν πρ τον· ε γα`ρ κα τα τη τ β λει τρωθ µεν, αλλα` µ γχρον σωµεν τ τα τη µ λιτι γλυκαιν µενοι, µηδ αρκτο πληγε σα τ τρα µα µε ζον δια` τ α το πρα´ξεω ργασ µεθα, αλλ ε θ πρ τ ν πνευµατικ ν ατρ ν δρα´µωµεν κα τ ν ν τ αµαρτ α δια` τ ξαγορε σεω ξεµ σωµεν, τ δηλητ ριον α τ αποπτ σαντε κα αντιφα´ρµακον τα` διδ µενα τ µετανο α πιτ µια σπουδα ω παρ α το λα´βωµεν κα µετα` π στεω θερµ πιτελε ν τα τα µετα` φ βου Θεο αγωνισ µεθα.

40 απαιτε σθαι MI κα φρικτο om. I 43 f. σχ σει ναρ. Y 44 κρε ττω Y 46 α το ante φ add. Y 50 f.

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